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Dear Friend,

So, the few comments or should we call it compliments that we often get from passersby is if the above smartwatch is the Apple Watch 7…

“No, it’s not,” I always answer.

It’s the premium copy of the Apple Watch 7

“Wow. It looks so much like the Apple Watch 7.”


It’s really fine o, They always say

That’s correct and that is why it’s the premium copy.

Physically they look the same but with some differences in functions.

The major one is the proprietary Apple iCloud present in the Apple watch 7.

And the world of difference in price too.

This our premium copy is going for 20,500 while the Apple Watch 7 is sold for 300,000+ Naira.

Well, you can see, for the price, this premium copy is a steal  

It’s a quality gift item or souvenir for anyone who desires to live a healthy life

It works with both the ANDROID phone and the iPhone.

It can make and receive calls

It can measure BP, Heart rate, Temperature, ECG

It can receive all your messages – WhatsApp, Texts, Twitter, Instagram, etc…all your messages!

It has alarm

You can make a call with the watch even if your phone is not with you…

And that is because…

It can sync 400 contacts on your phone.

You can as well use its dialer to dial a number and make calls.

It’s an inbuilt loudspeaker and Bluetooth.

In addition, you can use your favourite image as wallpaper

These guys did a thorough and detailed job.

It’s simply a work of art…

To be sure, we have spent the last one week testing it to make sure it meets our standard and we are wowed at the quality and we are confident you will also.

The curved edges, the size and shape, the Full HD screen, the flat body frame, the big crown button, and the pill shape button below it all add to give it a sporty, and elegant look.

The whole body is IP68 waterproof rated…

Meaning, you can know what time it is, even while swimming

It is a full touch screen display, and on top is a 2.4D tempered glass screen.

Should I go on?

It can measure heart rate, blood pressure, as well as temperature.

It has a huge 220MAH Large-capacity lithium polymer battery with 7 days of battery life.

Everything was done to perfection.💯

And you know what’s even better?

We are giving you an extra strap so that…

Anytime you want a different look, just swap the straps.


💥 Our All-new Series 7 Smartwatch

💥 The New Airpods 3 (Bluetooth)

💥 Pouch

💥 Extra strap

💥 Screen Protector

💥 Free delivery.



⚡️⚡️⚡️ PRICE: 20,500 NAIRA.

This offer is only available while stocks last.

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