A 100% Guaranteed System That Can Make You ₦300,000-500,000 Pure Profit Every Month Selling Physical Products Without You Lifting A Finger Even If You Have Never Sold Anything In Your Life Before. 

My Team and I Would Set Up Your Online Business From Scratch To Finish in 14 days. We Would Give You A Carton-Full Of  Already Imported Hot-Selling Products, Set Up Your Marketing Campaign, Design Your Landing Page, Write Your Salesletter, Set up Your ad, And Provide Sales Training and Mentorship.
(Your only job is to call the customers and deliver their goods)

If the above promise makes sense to you…

I need you to drop whatever you’re doing right now and read every word of this letter to you.

Dear Hustler,

The 2 most critical parts of any business are…

– What you sell

– And how you market it/sell it

If you get these 2 right, you simply would be printing money.

And if you get them wrong, well, you know what will happen.

Now, you have two options before you…

1) You do everything yourself…

This is likely what you do right now and that explains why you’re not where you want to be.

You scout the internet to find a product to sell.

You import and then you struggle to sell them using whatever means known to you.

This process involves quite a number of high-income skills you need to be considerably good at and that takes time to master.

Maybe 12 months or more of everyday learning. 

You have to be able to design your website, write Copies, design a funnel, create Facebook ads, Instagram, TikTok, and Google ads, etc.

And even at that, there are no guarantees that you will succeed. 

So you can see that this is the high road with so many uncertainties

To be fair, online business is difficult and requires a lot of work.

You should know that by now.

However, there is a better, faster, and success-guaranteed route…

One that I am guaranteeing for you

One that doesn’t involve unnecessary heartaches 

This approach guarantees you success within the first 4-6 weeks.

And who am I to speak about this with so much confidence?

Listen attentively as I am going to tell you my story…

Two years ago, I launched my first store on chidadi.com (I lost it to hackers when my hosting was hacked. That’s a story for another day)

That store was hosted for me by mentor and the best copywriter I know, Ronald Nzimora (Google him)

The store did poorly the first 3 months because I was like many of you right now…I didn’t know jack about funnels, copywriting, Facebook ads, etc…

I was building as I was learning…

I made 1.9 million on the third month and that was our lowest. 

Take a look at some stats from my first woocommerce store


Let me backtrack a bit…

This approach is one that took me from trenches to where I am today…we have sold more than 100 million worth of products in 14 months and a number of others too.

And for the first time, I am making it…

And here are the details…

2) We would duplicate our working system for you.

We would set up your online business from start to finish and also provide training, mentorship, and support.

Not only that, we would also give you the products to sell (these products have been tested for over 2 years and have made more than 95 million in sales).

At this point, it’s important I say this…

This opportunity, no matter how wonderful it’s is not for everyone…

There are stringent rules in picking who we work with…

And we are picking one person from each of these 10 Cities 

Lagos, Abuja, Owerri, Ogun, Kano, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Awka, Enugu, Port Harcourt. 

And it’s specifically for only 10 persons for each batch. 

As you can see, this is better. 

It saves you months of learning, heartache from trial and error, brokenness, and pain.

Not to mention how quickly you begin to make a profit and the huge benefits that you get from the training and mentorship. 

Now to the specifics…

We’ll give you a carton-full of hot-selling physical products, already picked out and already imported – FREE. You only pay the cost price when you sell & keep the profit.

We’ll write your sales copy for you, one that is guaranteed to convert. Normally I charge up to 250k for this, but I’ll do it for you – for FREE.

We’ll put the sales copy I wrote for you on a webpage & design the entire sales funnel for you. Completely FREE.

We’ll put together a Facebook ad video, copy, and even a list of targeting for your product.

All of this will ensure that you will get sales almost immediately.

But Wait… that’s not all.

We’ll link your sales page to your email and to the same order app I use so that every order you get on your website is sent directly to your email and you can view it on the app.

Then send you a video showing you exactly how to start getting 5-10 orders per day. Even if your ad account gets blocked, I’ll show you how to get your ad back online in minutes.

We’ll also set up your Instagram ads, so that you can increase your reach, and by doing so increase your profits.

Logistics, that is, how to send your product out to your buyers, if you get it wrong, it will kill this business.

We want you to set up your logistics the proper way, so We’ll help you register with the best logistics company in the country, so that you can deliver your orders, right on time, anywhere in Nigeria.

We’ll also show you the best 6-10 highly lucrative states in Nigeria to target in order to sell any kind of physical product.

These states have what we call, “players with money”.

So in a nutshell…

➡️ We’ll set up your e-commerce business for you

➡️ Write your ad copy

➡️ Create your ad creatives

➡️ Design your landing page for you

➡️ Write your sales letter

➡️ Give you a product to sell at a huge margin. This has been tested for over 2 years

➡️ Set up your Facebook/Instagram ads

➡️ Help you register with a logistics company so that you can deliver across Nigeria and…

➡️ Show exactly which states to sell them in

….the only work you will need to do is TURN on your ad, call customers to confirm their orders, deliver and keep the profits.

As you well know – this offer is work-intensive so naturally, I only want 10 persons for it.

My team and I will get to work for these 10 persons and deliver all we have promised – FAST.

To the issue of cost: this offer is easily worth ₦1 million Naira, but I will not charge you that. Not even close.

….but before I reveal the fee please note that You only pay part before we start, the rest after you start making sales. And if you do not make 50-100 orders in a single month – you get your money back (no questions asked) – this removes every single sort of risk off your shoulders.

Some of the products you’d sell have up to N10,000-15,000 profit, which means if you sell 30 (which can happen in a week) – you get N300,000 back.

Which is why I’ll only charge you 500,000 for this project.

Pay 350k upfront, today, and 150k in 45 days’ time, after you become profitable – this way you are protected and the investment pays for itself.

Of course, as you can clearly see, this investment is worth way more than I am charging you for it and you know it.

Now, if you have your own product/s and you want me to help you set up this sales system, reach out also by scheduling a call.

And if you’re a good fit, we would take it from there.

See you in a bit

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