How I Cured My Erectile Dysfunction and Quick Ejaculation Permanently Using these Herbal Supplements combo
and How You Too Can Do The Same.

What Makes This Supplement combo Unique

Are the Main Herbs and the Concentration

It contains: Maca Root, Oyster Peptide, Tribulus terrestris, Ashwagandha root, Panax ginseng root, Black pepper Tongkat Ali(Longjack), Ginseng, Shilajit, L-Arginine, Vitamin B6, and Lotus Seeds, Fenugreek STD 60% (Trigonella foenum-graecum beed, L-Citrulline Malate 2:1, L-Arginine, (Tribulus Terrestris Extract 45%), Maca Root 4:1 (Lepidium meyeni root), Boron Citrate, L-Carnitine Fumarate.

Ashawangadha root

- Improves immune function and anti-aging properties.

- Eases stress and anxiety.

- Improves memory.

- Lower blood pressure, and alter the immune system.

Maca root


- Increasing libido

- Boosting energy and endurance

- Reducing erectile dysfunction

Tribulus Terrestris


- Increasing libido

- Increase sexual satisfaction

- Reducing erectile dysfunction

Lotus root


- Increase blood circulation

- Maintains heart health

-Improves mental focus and balance




- Raise testosterones level

- Treat infertility

- Provides energy and revitalization

- Improves sperm count

Tongkat Ali

- For Erectile Dysfunction and Libido

- Male fertility and sexual performance

- Male Infertility





- Improve focus.

- For Erectile Dysfunction and Libido

- May boost the immune system

Highly concentrated

The high concentration makes it very effective.

And regular use of this herbal supplements ensures the problem never recours

If you are a sexually active man.

And you want to feel an explosion of sexual energy!

This combination is the best solution for you

This combo contains the most potent aphrodisiacs and herbs found in nature

And are expertly combined to increase libido, stop early ejaculation, treat erectile dysfunction, and extend your time in bed. 

This combo taps into the raw power of herbs like tribulus terrestris, maca root, and horny goat weed, Ashwagandha root, Panax ginseng root, Tongkat Ali(Longjack), Ginseng, Shilajit, L-Arginine, etc(Google them and be blown away!)

To deliver a surge of natural energy, stamina, and endurance, ensuring you’re always ready to fire on all cylinders.

The above supplement combo will greatly enhance your sex life.

Regain your sexual confidence and control in the bedroom and leave your woman begging for more.

enjoy longer-lasting and more intense sex.

It is produced under stringent quality control requirements in hygienic, secure facilities, and each one is assigned a NAFDAC number.

Who Should Use This Supplement?

Quick Ejaculation

You need this if you do not last long during sex.

Erectile dysfunction

If you cannot get erection at all or cannot hold erection.

If before you insert it or wear your condom, it becomes flaccid

Lack Stamina and Energy

If you get tired easily and cannot go more than one round during sex you should get this

SIX Reasons You Should Get This Supplement

Your heart


Your heart would thank you for it. It would be healthy and be able to pump blood to your penis.

Energy and Stamina


This helps you enjoy sex without burnout and without being so tired that you are wasted after each round.

It's 100% Herbal


No side effects. No dependency. No harm to your vital organs


Your kidney


Help yourself and your kidney by living healthy




It helps you regain your rock-solid hardness asap after each session.

You wake up each morning with early morning hardness that make you fee alive

Mental Clarity


You have energy, focus and mental clarity and alertness to go through your day.


Our One-Time Offer

One month's supply

  • One Tongkat ali Herbal supplements
  • One Andro-T Herbal supplements
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Two month's supply

Save 5000
  • TWO Tongkat ali Herbal supplements
  • TWO Andro-T Herbal supplements
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THREE month's supply

Save 15000
  • THREE Tongkat ali Herbal supplements
  • THREE Andro-T Herbal supplements
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