Introducing: The Second Generation Premium Series
8 Ultra

—It has a 8-10 days battery life.

—It’s 100% waterproof.

—It can make and receive calls

—It has the brightest HD Amoled screen display and

—ACCURATELY measure your BP temperature, Heart rate, and a lot more..

Our Guaranty: If The Smartwatch You Receive Is NOT Everything We Say It's And More, Do Not Accept It! We Would Even Give You A 20,000mah Power Bank For FREE For Wasting Your Time.

Dear friend,

I know for a fact that you’re here because you want a great smartwatch.

You probably must have bought one before that turn out to be a waste of money.

Or this is your first ever smartwatch.

Whichever one it’s

This would be the best smartwatch you would ever buy.

And it comes with a 12 months warranty.

The first thing you will notice about this watch is the poor packaging.

That’s the only bad thing you will find with this watch.

But it looks EXACTLY like the Apple series 8 ultra

Place it side-by-side and you will not know the difference.

Take it anywhere and no one will tell the difference.

It’s like buying the Apple watch 8 ultra at less than 5% of the cost…


So why should you buy this one?

I have 13 different brands of series 8 ultra(I said this because you would see cheaper ones…as low as 12,000)

And they might all look alike from afar but they are not.

The quality functions differ greatly. 

I have never seen an Apple copy so well designed in terms of size and shape and function like this one.



I have been wearing it every day since we took delivery of it a month a go.

It’s that good!

Random strangers stop me at the mall, office and even on the road and compliment me.

The screen comes alive with this beautiful colourful display that you wish it happens more often so that others could see it.

And app is very stable.

So here are a few things that has left me awed at the excellent craftmanship…

— It’s IP67 water resistant…

— You can receive and read your FULL EMAILS, TEXTS MESSAGES, Twitter, WhatsApp messages, etc on the watch. Your messages are grouped and stacked on top of each. Just as it’s on the iPhone(no other smartwatch does that)

This is the only smartwatch that I have sold and reviewed that has these functions…emails and texts messages.

— This is also the only smartwatch that displays the caller name on your watch when a call comes in.


— The real Amoled HD screen is out of this world. 

It’s colourful and bright and friendly on the eyes…

You have not seen a smart watch like this ever before!

At this point, I will like to repeat for emphasis our deal:

If you open this watch, connect it to your phone and it’s not everything we say it’s, you get a 20,000mah power bank for FREE and our deepest apologies for wasting your time.


The reason you should buy this smartwatch is QUALITY…It’s the best in all areas.

The design, the graphics, the screen size, the perfect fit, the real titanium body that doesn’t tarnish…


— It has a 8-10 days battery life…a 320mah battery.

The battery is so strong that a 20% battery life can last you for 3 days or more if you set it on “Battery saving mode” 

It  takes only 45mins to charge from zero to 100%. 


— It has a 24/7 always-on-display…the screen never sleeps or goes off.


— It ACCURATELY measures your BP, temperature, Heart rate, oxygen level, etc.

These have been tested..


— It has Chatgpt and AI voice assistant.

It has split screen and uses the latest OS10 operating system which is smooth like a baby’s skin.

Even our Muslim brothers gets regular prayer reminder…the watch vibrates and pops up with some texts to remind you to pray.

There are more…

The feel, the perfect fit, smooth Amoled screen, etc makes it the best choice of smartwatch.




1. Order Only if you are READY and AVAILABLE to receive it right now.


2. Do not order if you’re not in Lagos or Abuja.

The Juicy Details...

Unbeatable Battery life

You enjoy 8-10days battery life….charge once and use for 10 days.

And you can get up to 15-20 days if you set it on Power saving mode

Level up Your productivity

24/7 Always-on-display…The screen never sleeps

Optimize your time

The only watch that allows you read your FULL emails, text messages, twitter, WhatsApp, etc

Stay Healthy. Stay alive

Gives Accurate BP, Heart rate, Blood Oxygen, etc

What You Will Get If You Order Now

Price: 46,500

Premium Series 8 Ultra(2nd Gen)

  • 2nd generation Premium Series 8 Ultra
  • 3 Straps
  • Screen Protector
  • Free Delivery

Frequently Asked Question

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we do.

And depending on the quantity you buy, you can get up to 5% discount.

Can I come and buy at your shop?


Our Physical shop is located at Ikeja, Computer village, Lagos.

Check the map below for directions.

How do you ensure my packages are not damaged or lost?

This is why we use only reputable logistics partners, like FedEx and GIG logistics.

Each package is insured and in the unlikely event anything happens to your package, you get refunded the value of the package 

How do you deliver to customers outside Lagos?

We have a partnership with 2 leading logistics companies in Nigeria…

GIG logistics and FedEx.

For states with airports, we use flights. This ensures same day or next day delivery.

Eg. Abuja, Owerri, etc.

Is there a discount for large orders?


Do you sell other things apart from smartwatches?

Yes, we do.

We sell all types of gadgets including phone pouch

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